Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another fun day mobile!

Got in some time at Bodega Head, near Bodega Bay Ca. Icom IC-725-100 watts-Buddistick Vertical Antenna. Thanks to Dick KD0ACR in South Dakota for ending the day with a great qso/ragchew. Dick was one of my first HF contacts as a General and I was pleased to see his qsl card in the mail. At that time I was using my first HF rig, a Kenwood TS-520s that was a gift from a great guy KG6CSE.The Kenwood was purchased from The Northern California DX Foundations donated radios. Tom (kg6cse) hung a G5RV Lite in the attic of my apartment (still there too). I took the time to learn how to use that rig and it paid off every time I fired it up! Got to use Ham Radio Deluxe in the mobile for logging today on a Laptop that was given to me by another good Ham , Steve N6SCS. Thanks to Steve! 73 (log in reverse)kd0acr, w5aqa, wh6r, ac5o, k0ob, n9rpj, k9gaj, w0tle, n3dxx, n1fs, n0pi, n0hjz, n1gn, w0ef, k5rq, w2fcp, n0kk, w5cow, k1kd, w0os, k3mq, n2ic.

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