Saturday, March 7, 2009


Marcus, KG6GHW and myself went up to Cloverdale, Ca. and had lunch with the Chicken Net Group who frequent the 145.1900 kd6lc Repeater on Mt. Jackson in Sonoma County, Ca. every night at 10 O'cluck! It was great to see all the folks and it was a beautiful day sitting outside in the sun and the crisp air. After lunch we drove north up Highway 175 over the Hopland Grade into Lake County, Ca. When we reached the summit we were blessed with an awesome view of Clear Lake and a mountain range covered in snow. We parked on an overlook and set up the HF rig and the Buddistick Vertical and worked some stations in the ARRL International DX Contest. What a treat to hear the 20 Meter band at that elevation, no QRN or urban static! Another thing I noticed was the tone of the contest was much more patient and courteous. I actually enjoyed working some of the pileups and could tell others were using skill and etiquette when needed. Thats GOODWILL at its finest on the air. Hope others enjoyed the same and got some good DX! 73 K6LSN (Ya , I blew it not taking the video camera, will get a chance tommorrow out at Bodega, Ca. for some more DX! in the mobile.)

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