Thursday, May 7, 2009

Waiting Game!

Have just returned home after a run to Shasta County to apply for a Rental. The home is beautiful, on several acres nestled between Redding, Ca. and Mt. Lassen! I was gonna try to get to a meeting with some local Hams in the area, The Old Timers Group in Redding, but had to be at the property to meet with the Property Managemant. Am still hoping to get over and meet the gang, one of which is W3FF Budd, of Buddipole Antennas. I did get a chance to work the Buddistick at my relatives Ranch and made a few contacts on 20 Meters ( Contacts on post below). The band was poppin off pretty good! As I was Talking on the radio I noticed all the fish jumpin and feeding on my Brother-In-Laws Lake and had to grab the pole from the van and threw on a big ol' fly and nailed a decent bass and a big fat bluegill. Was a great evening with the family and I cant wait to hear if I will be moving soon into this place or if I will need to do some more footwork. We will know in a day or two. 73


AuburnTrucker said...

I love NoCal man, beautiful....Just wondering, you sign all of your blog postings with 73, what does that mean?

K6LSN said...

Amateur radio operators often use the number 73 as a abbreviation for "best regards", typically when ending a QSO (a conversation with another ham). [1] In Morse code, 73 is a palindrome (--··· ···--). Thanks, Keep in touch.. John 73